Saturday, February 23, 2013

Philly's Fashion Week 2013

Philly's Fashion week kicked off with 'Ready to Wear' collections from 11 local designers. My press pass got me in the VIP section where I was up close to the designs. This was my first Philly Fashion event and I really enjoyed it. Everyone was in good spirits, very supportive and ready for showtime. One thing I would advised against is allowing food in the showroom. I know, I know it's food and people need to eat, but it looked very unprofessional. It also would of been nice to have the designers name displayed as their collection was being showcased. It was a bit confusing as to who I was viewing, but I figured it out eventually. Other then that, the night started off great. Music playing, everyone hype by this time. As the collections kept coming down I saw lots of mini's, royal blues, leather, sparkles, black and emerald. I was also excited to see men's wear; it was refreshing to see all the details and exquisite construction in each piece. From all the designer's I particularly loved the collection from Shavonne Deann, who reinvented the hand "bag" by using brown paper bags as a purse. Who said brown paper bags were only for lunch? I also loved the collection of Marina Makaron Moscow, every piece was brilliant, full of color ,bold patterns and some kind of wonderful. I seriously pictured each item in my closet.

Featured Designers of the evening: Dramatik Fanatik, Ian Alexander, Alicia Pinckney, Shavonne Deann, Las Swimwear, Lady Embellishment, Suede Square, Lili Daliessio ,Anthony Eastwick ,Marina Makaron Moscow and Walish Gooshe
It was a great night and I am proud of my City. Tonight is the "Couture" show then after party at the Sugar House Casino , featuring designer Jason Neelson.

Dramatik Fanatik

Ian Alexander

Shavonne Deann

Marina Makaron Moscow
Love the colors and bold patterns

Lady Embellishment
Love the cut outs and details

Suede Square
Chic Philly guy goes to scottland

Lili Daliessio
Emerald, bows and jewelry oh my!

Anthony Eastwick
Funky and bright

Signing off..oxoxCoke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™

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Lilli said...

How amazing Jess! Fantastic collections and event!:) Kisses&Hugs my dearest!♥