Monday, July 5, 2010

Yummy Patterns!

I Love patterns and I love seeing a mixture of them. Check out that cool coke bottle. It's for the
World cup 2010. How come i never see cool stuff like this in Philly? I think i need t go on ebay..tehe.
Today is one of those random days i guess. I want a gold fish. I need a vacation. Wish i could go to Italy or
hang out, eat cupcakes with Mickey Mouse and Tinkel Bell. I wonder how Tink feels wearing the same outfit
all the time , EVERYDAY! I couldn't do it, it's a good thing she's a cartoon. Cans she change her outfit with Pixie Dust? I'm eating Ritz crackers with cheese and tomato thinly sliced on top......SOOOOOOO GOOD. I think i invented something

It's good to know Mars has two moons. Which one would i land on if i go to space?
What color would my rocket-ship be? Would it sparkle, shine or just burst into skittles.
Mmmm i want some skittles now. I think i need to go to the store. I'm low on coke and that is a sin.
Father forgive me for i have sinned. I am low on coke and i need to get more. Don't send me to hell.
Anyways, i'm still hungry......i should get more cheese and crackers.

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