Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Emma Bell

"Emma Bell is a British designer and creative consultant with three seasons at London Fashion Week under her belt as well as a string of collaborative projects and endeavours to her name. Partnerships and projects have included GM/Vauxhall Motors, Irregular Choice, Designers Against Aids, Jodie Harsh and Lambrini".

I just love Emma Bell. Her designs are innovative and fresh. When everyone was doing purple and floral for spring /summer 2010, Emma was doing tie dye with crocheting and adding sweet, fun elements to her clothing. Every piece is wearable, which is rare when you see designs that are outside the "norm" , but every piece can be taken and worn separately. I would wear them just as. I love all the mix and textures. I also love Irregular Choice Shoes and i wrote about them before, and it was cool to see she did a collaboration with them. Emma is a raising designer, so keep a look for her.

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