Monday, July 12, 2010

I love this website I first came upon it a year ago in Poly. The pictures are awesome, creative and colorful. I love their mixture of vintage to kinda a southwest cowgirl feel. Must be fun shopping for "Junk", but good junk. They have it all there. You can shop for an outfit and home decor at the same time. You can jazz up a boring lawn with a funky PINK flamingo, OMG i love those things, to cute. Even the website itself is a treasure, it's funky and nice to surf in it.

"THE JUNK GYPSY COMPANY reveals a palette of vibrant colors, a crossroads of diverse styles, and a beautifully chaotic combination of funky vintage pieces and true-blue foot stomping home décor.

We combine chippy-peely fleamarket furniture and elegant chandeliers with a little bit of hippie texas flair, some southern-fried cowgirl pride and a splash of MOULIN ROUGE eccentricity to achieve the JUNK GYPSY look. We believe in decadent junk and FUN, spirited styles coming together to create a space that defines who you are".

Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead


junk gypsy said...

THANK you for spreadin the LOVE!!!! xoxoxo, the junk gypsies

❤✿PaintHead™ said...

Hey there, wow how did you find this post? lol How cool, we' ll your welcome. Your site and products are awesome, dreamy and yummy. Thank you for coming by..oxoxooxoxoxoxo

Engreida said...

Love this!