Thursday, March 25, 2010

Somewhere over the Rainbow!

This past weekend i went over the Rainbow. I had a lovely Wizard of Oz party and made sure every thing down to the food was OZ-ly, lol if that's a word??? It was fun decorating, which hosting a party and coming up with fun ideas is what i also love.
So this one was by far one of my faves, and of course my candy party, tehe. I made this painting of Dorothy's Ruby red shoes.

Can't have a party without some candy
I made this Rainbow by hand with help of course..tehe
It came out exactly how i pictured it in my head!
I used tissue paper. Tissue paper is perfect to fold and
it already comes in different yummy colors. I also made the clouds out of
white glittery tissue paper. Add some balloons and you have a magical entry to OZ.
I wanted everything to go with the theme, so i thought of JELLO.
It's easy to make, comes already in multi colors and looks so pretty all together.

You know i am a faithful coke drinker,
but i fell in love with these. They looked so
pretty and added a pop of color to the food table so much more!
Me in balloon Heaven!I was Galinda, the Good Witch!
In my own version, lol

My brother Eric, Ray and Cousin Alby!
Fashionable urban guys, LOL!

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The Accessory Lady said...

Love the painting! So colorful and whimsical. :-)