Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Alice...My Wonder

This past weekend Alice and Mad-Hater topped the Movie charts. It has become the TOP grossing movie in the month of march since the movie 300 in 2007. We all knew it would be awesome. Who wasn't waiting to see it? I saw it in IMAX-3D which to me is the best and only way to see this movie. You really feel like you are part of the movie, your in it. The movements and camera shots are incredible. There was a part where a giant bird fly's around and i felt it in my stomach...woohoo! The details of this movie was on point. So much work went into it. But of course with the good review i have to mention the bad, the only things i felt was a bit sucky was her adventure. In this movie she is returning to wonderland and is now 19. So you would think there'd be more to the story. What was the reason for her return? Other then that being her escape from reality and her engagement party. Also what i found a bit disappointing was the dialogue between the characters. It wasn't as "weird" as the book. The writing was to normal for it to be an alice movie. To me the thoughts of Matt Damon's character in " The Informant" was more thought provoking, but thats just me...lol Other then that, it's fun, cool and LOVE LOVE LOVE the costume. Later on i will do another post just solely on the costumes.

Speaking of costume i had to dress up to go and see this awesome movie. I did not dress Exactly as mad-hatter, but i was more inspired.

If you want to go beyond the movie, they now have Alice nail polish,by O.P.I and awesome collectable dolls.
I wonder if Johnny Depp has his own doll of himself in his house..

and now me with my Mad-hatter inspired look, and Becky as Alice!
Yes i had to do the CRAZY look,or is it the "Mad" look, but if i am mad then i would not be
painthead, but then i am Painthead so who is really mad? um lol...

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Susan said...

The film sounds wildly wondrous - must see it asap. And you look curiously cool - in a crazily quirky sort of way! Look forward to the costumes..