Friday, April 17, 2009

Pimp My Rubber Duckie

Rubber Ducky Your The one!

Back in the 1970's Jim Henson creator of The Muppets, wrote and performed a song called "Rubber Duckie". That song made Mr Duckie more popular then ever. I'm sure we all had a rubber duckie while growing up, our favorite bath toy,aww how we try to submerge him in water , but he just floats back up, lol. Our little Rubber friend has become and American pop Culture icon, so bright and yellow. Now made in many colors and cool characters. I wish i could attend the Rubber Duck Fest 09 in NY this July 25th @1pm.Rubber Duckie Heaven, if u think u wanna go RSVP here is ran and owned by Charlotte Lee, who holds the World's largest Rubber Duckie Collection, 2,583...WHOA, thats a lot of duckies.


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