Thursday, April 30, 2009

MM World

M&M's - History

M&M's were created in 1940 after Forrest Mars Sr. saw Spanish soldiers eating chocolate pellets coated in sugar during the Spanish Civil War, to prevent the soldiers from gaining sticky hands after eating chocolate. M&M's were first sold in the United States in 1941. By World War II, American soldiers were given the candy by the United States Army; soon after this it was marketed to the public. The candies were named for "Mars & Murrie" (Mars' business partner was Bruce Murrie, son of rival Milton S. Hershey's partner William Murrie.) M&M's soon became a hit because, in those times when air conditioning was not usually found in stores, homes, or the automobile, melting chocolate candy bars were a problem; but in M&M's, the candy's coating kept the chocolate from getting messy

M&M's are so pretty when they are put together. Just about the only Rainbow u can really eat beside Skittles, lol, they also make me wanna write in different color fonts. M&M's World are huge stores all about these yummy candies.
One in Orlando Fla., Las Vegas and of course Broadway in NY. I want to visit them all. Oh an check those M&M's girls, aren't they the cutest?LOL.


krista carlson said...

How cute is that....M&M's are so yummy and eye catching all at the same time. Skittles...taste the rainbow right? I love those two. It so amazing how color can make you feel. I wish I was gifted with art but unfortunately I am not...but I still enjoy it...

GypsyFox said...

I love m&m's you know they have this really cool ting where you can order them ANY color & have anything printed on them for baby showers/weddings..etc! great now I want some ;)

Noelle + Kendall said...

this post is the best!
everything looks so delicious, haha :]