Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Lynn Visible
(Post from poly)
Julia DeVillers, author of GirlWise and Princess of Gossip, invites YOU to step into character for her upcoming novel, LynnVisible!

LynnVisible is about a high school freshman, Lynn, whose fashion sense is pretty unique in her small town and her classmates don’t always understand the style of clothing she wears. But Lynn’s dreams of being a fashion designer start to become reality when she designs a new shoe that's showcased on a teen fashion website. Everyone falls in love with the shoes and Lynn suddenly becomes...IN.

Now here’s was our chance to be a part of the story!

We had to Design an outfit that we thought Lynn would wear for a chance to be immortalized in the book!

To help get us started, here were a few things to know about Lynn:
* She loves to experiment with her outfits to fit her moods
* She mixes vintage, designer and trendy with clothes she makes herself
* She also has a tan and black pug named Bell

5 lucky winners will be chosen by Julia DeVillers.
The 1st place winner's name will be mentioned in LynnVisible and their Polyvore outfit will be worn by Lynn in the book. They'll also receive an autographed advance copy of the book! 2nd and 3rd place winners will also be mentioned in the novel and receive an autographed copy of the book. 4th and 5th place winners will receive an autographed copy of LynnVisible, too!

I am happy to say i came in 4th in this contest, my name will not be in the book, but i will get a copy, WOOT WOOT
My good Friend in poly EmilyLiz came in 1st with this entry, 2nd place was mariferduran, 3rd place lucy694, me 4th PaintHead and 5th gallopinto!

Here is my Entry
Thank you Juila DeVillers for picking the winners and taking the time to look at all the entires.

LynnVisible by ❤✿PaintHead featuring Irregular Choice heels & wedges


the Burtons said...

awesome entry! good luck!

the Burtons said...

oo duh i knew that! and read that :D youre incredible. hope you have a great week coming up girl!

Olive the Brave said...

what a great set! intense colors! =]