Saturday, April 25, 2009

Marquis and Camus

PhotobucketEstablished in the fall of 2006 in New York City, Marquis & Camus revisits the past creating a collection that offers a truly unique look into the future of remixed couture. The vintage pieces are timeless, characterized by their excellence, maturity and enduring appeal, accompanied by only the finest modern materials often making them uniquely one of a kind.

The Marquis & Camus collection resurfaces antiquated treasures of the past and marries their exquisiteness with the charms of handmade flowers, hand died silk bias ribbon, Swarovski crystals, bows, lace, and the boldness of chains and genuine leather. Each piece features authentic vintage items, such as bow ties, pocket watches, chandelier crystals, suspenders, cameos, lockets, watch movements, keys, charms, chains, buttons, pendants and pins, which are carefully handpicked from esta
te sales, auctions and flea markets. The classic appeal of each piece is enhanced by sterling silver, brass, silver-plated and gold filled materials. The Marquis & Camus products are sophisticated and complicated, and handled by skilled bench workers in New York. ( from their site).

I love their items, to me the best i have seen in a long time. They are edgy, grungy, daring and fabulous. I wish i can own a few pieces, but for now i can enjoy them through poly and make sets with them. 0x0x0




krista carlson said...

Sweet.....I love vintage...those pieces are gorgeous...I love to go looking around antique shops and little vintage never know what you will find...your blog is so amazing with all the colors and pictures...I love the way you manage it!!!

GypsyFox said...

those are amazing vintage pieces, who does'nt love vintage anymore? but I swear no one I know EVER even liked vintage,now my friends are crazy about it & I'm like "wait a sec, I thought vintage was drab & dull?" ahahahaha that's what I thought!!! vintage RULES! xoxo

PotionNY said...

Dear Paint Head,

Thank you for loving our pieces.
Please come and join our mailing list and receive super discounts. :)