Thursday, August 12, 2010

THE LAST EXORCISM have to see this yummy of a honor flick. Tonight i saw a special screening of "The Last Exorcism". Right before the film started the director kindly told us that we are the few selected people to screen this movie first across the nation. Awww i feel speical..oxoxox This movie hits theaters on August 27, 2010. What an awesome dude..tehe
This movie is awesome. I love it's documentary style of filming. It's raw, unique and will make you jump with fear and suspense. I won't spoil it, but it's about a pastor who is very charismatic, sharp, sarcastic and a great bull crap seller of false hope in religion.
Pastor "Cotton" uses religion to benefit from people's pain and sorrows. He performs these exorcism as a way to make money and somehow making the victim think it's all in their heads.
You might at first think he is a jerk for taking advantage of the weak , but then you see him as human and see he has a family to care for as well. The cool thing is that although he is a Pastor, he has his own struggles in having faith in what he actually preaches. This film is one of those, Karma is a B and what goes around does come around. Cotton gets a taste of his own disbelief. Go out and see this when it hits theaters nation wide on August 27th..oxoxoox

But i give this 10 shinny yummy have to see this movie. Very ground breaking and SCARRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

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EMILY LIZ said...

i would never watch that movie because the list it i watched something like that it freaked me out. have you watch " THE FOURTH KIND" NOW THAT MOVIE WAS BASED ON A TRUE STORY =). Ever since i watched "the fourth kind" i stopped watching all scary movies period....