Monday, December 30, 2013

Here's to another Year: '2014'


HAPPY NEW YEARS: 2014 by painthead featuring modern home decor

A new year is approaching, more quickly then I would want, but why should I be afraid of a "New Year"? A new year to me means a new beginning. A fresh start for any ideas, and goals that were left behind in 2013. Or perhaps any dreams left abandon. I cannot complain at all about this past year(2013). If anything I feel this past year has brought me a few fashion adventures in which I am very thankful for. Adventures I will never forget. One adventure included two of the most awesome fashion shows: Betsey Johnson's and Anna Sui's Spring 2014 collections during New York Fashion Week.

Another fashionable adventure was meeting Dana Maxx during her "Made in NYC" fall/13' press release along side Ben Amun by Issac Manevitz. That same day I visited Polyvore's NYC office.
What a year. I like to reflect back through the year, however, I'm not one to sit and wallow at the things I did not do or should of done. I believe everyone is at a place in their lives because it's their timing to be there. I feel my timing will come, to be able to fully breathe and live in fashion. When will that time be? I'm not certain, but I know giving up will not make it happen. If you have a dream, go for it. Time to dust off those stilettos full of glitter and star dust.


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