Wednesday, October 23, 2013

That Guy Josh

Once a upon a time in a world where music sounded the same, I had an opportuniy to "preview" an album from a new artist named Josh Groban. A self titled album was soon due for release in 2001 , and a simple preview would determine a loyal listener.  I pressed "play" and heard "Alejate", since then I've been a fan Grobanite. At first I thought he was a spanish singer, but as I continued to hear his music, he also sang in italian and english. Ahhhhh music to my ears.
His albums are the only ones I look forward to and purchase. I've seen him three times in concert and on November 3, 2013 he is coming to Philly. I have my tickets already and cannot wait to go.  Josh does not disappoint, his voice is truly beautiful, pure and rare. He is one of those artist that sound the same on CD and live, that's how prefect his voice is. And he is kinda groofy and fun during his concerts so he is full of entertainment. 

I wanted to pull a Kid President move and have Josh response to a tweet, if I ever make one, to see how I can score an interview, or go back stage like a totally gnarly grobanite, but I'd figure he'll have so many crazy people trying to get to him. So I will not tweet :( , maybe he'll tweet me, hahahahha ok ok just kidding. Instead I will go to the concert and enjoy it all.  One day i'll meet him. After all I did meet my John Hughes of Fashion, Betsey Johnson so anything is possible. What is your favorite Josh Groban song(s)?

Self Titled , 2001
"Closer" 2003
"Awake" 2006
"Noel" 2007
"Illuminations" 2010

Signing off..oxoxCoke Stains and Cupcakes..oxox Painthead™

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