Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Graffiti Movement


 Once you enter into Philly you get a glimpse of this underground movement that has become a way of life to so many; "this" movement called Graffiti. At first it started as a political statement in the 60's here in Philly. Throughout time people wanted to gain recognition or local "fame" and so the idea of a "tag" was born. A quick tag with your nickname on a wall or stairway was a great way to make people guess or wonder "who is this person?".  Since it's early beginnings in the 60's, graffiti has come along way. Writers have developed their own styles, and a millions ways to write the letter "S" in so many fonts, shapes and sizes.  I grew up seeing my brothers and his friends become well known writers in Philly. It got to the point were people knew who I was because of my brothers and many wanted anything that may contain a bit of their writing style. My brother developed new styles which were copied in so many ways, but he was the original, so people knew where the idea came from.  He even taught me how to "tag" with a step by step guide.

With recognition came many drama and envy, yet my brother stood humble, but did not hesitate to bring out his scripto pen ready to do "battle". Battle is when one writer wants to go head on with another writer on paper, to see who has the best styles. There was another concept that took skills and intricate design; a "piece" or "throw up" as you see below. This idea became an art form in itself, full of color and entangled letters. You almost have to be some kind of maze wizard to decipher the name written. I take pleasure in knowing writers are called "Graffiti Artist" and that people are realizing this is an artform, an expression and it is being appreciated in so many ways. My brothers and their friends are "retired" so to speak, but remind legends in their own right. Love them all for being part of my growing up and being a Philly Girl.

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