Wednesday, June 30, 2010


These are July 2010 covers. Why do magazine clutter their cover with Huge Fonts and
repeated themes? Anyhow these covers i found to be darling for July 2010.

Cameron Diaz gracing the cover of Vogue U.K, July 2010
Love the colors in here.
So summery and pure. I'm loving the gold and pale pink together.
Rihanna gracing the cover of ELLE, July 2010
Hot dress. Loving the texture, pattern and metallic look.
This is a party cover.
Taylor Lautner gracing the cover of GQ, July 2010
The first male i feature as well. Love the tee he has one, love the grey against the white background
and the pop of orange.
Megan Fox gracing the cover of Interview , July 2010
She looks like an evil nun.
Well a wanna be one,
because in this issue she openly admits to making up stories to get attention...oh dear!
But the cover is cool.

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NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

I love the one with Rihanna! Looks gorgeous!