Thursday, June 24, 2010

"endless shoes and more" is holding a contest in poly. There's TWO days left. So hurry up and enter. It's based on Street Style and my beloved city Philly has a lot of that. People in Philly are unique and what you see right now is the nautical stripes, ruffles skirts, flat sandals with cool
gems, studs. In the "inner" city you see girls with short shorts and flats or wedges. Tank tops in layers and many colors. You don't see girls wearing make-up or to much accessories because in the city it gets really hot, and unless you like melted make-up then you really don't see much of it here. For the night scene you do, but not day time.

Guys wear their polo shirts, jean shorts with their tims. When it's really hot, like now, you just see guys wearing wife beaters and fitted hats with their favorite team on it. Popular teams in the city are of course the Phillies, Eagles, then you have the Sox because the hat is black.
We are know for being loyal and if someone wears another team , we'll fights brake out, LOL.
Philly is also a colorful city. We love our colors here. You see lots of RED, Magenta, white, gold and blue.
When you go to downtown that's where you see a mixture in SOUTH STREET. You see punk, scene, gothic, boho, girly, slutty. People with the blue, pink, purple hair. Love that spot.

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