Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MARC Jacob Fall 2010
Seeing photos of a fashion show is awesome, but seeing the show live is even better. Marc Jacob Show live last night was so dreamy. This collection is a major change from his fall 09 and Spring 2010. Where did all the bold bright colors go? Designers need to mix things up and that is why i LOVE Marc. This collection was so lovely, the palette was creme and beige. There was a sense of wonder and fantasy as the model's walked down a remix of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" Dorothy was his inspiration,but there was a beautiful twist. The model's hair was slightly messy, no pigtails, no red ruby slippers. The shoes where flat Mary Jane, and the outfits went from fitting to over size sweaters and had a feel of playing dress up.

Key Looks from the collection

  • Sheer
  • Flat Mary Jane(ankle socks, some had kitty heels)
  • Palette of creme and beige ( some looks had a pop of green and pale yellow)
  • Over size sweaters
  • Menswear trend( wide leg trouser, vest)
  • Make Up (Natural, clean and fresh looking)
  • Accessories (glasses, fur/metallic handbags)

Signing off..oxoxCoke Stains and Cupcakesoxo..Painthead™

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Anonymous said...

WOW! You are so lucky to have been there! The clothes look all natural and earthy . really lovely!