Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last time anyone saw this much eyeliner on guys was probably in the 80's. Where looking hotter and wearing more make-up then your girlfriend was the "it" thing to do. Fast forward to 2010 and i LOVE it. It depends on the guy of course, because i highly doubt you will come to the inner city of philadelphia and see guys rocking "guy liner" as i call it. I love it when the rockers/emo/goth/juku guys wear it. It's pretty cool and with this underground trend making it main stream, i think more and more guys will try it out. What do you think? Do you think guy liner is cool or should it stay a girly thing?

Johnny Depp
Adam Lamdert
Billie Joe
Bill Kaulitz
Billy Corgan
Dave Navarro

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biolisboa said...

I have the eye make up on the sleeve of my Rap Hip Hop record from 1985 O Pirata (Pirate Rap Attack) on my own Pirate Records indie label as you can see on my google profile, which I will try and follow your blog with. I have even done a blow up of the eye make up, recently, on my newly edited video, which can be found by searching You Tube for Rui de Castro O Pirata, on my RuiDeCastroOPirata channel. There you go, I was right up there. I am now celebrating my Silver Jubilee in 2010,since someone re-discovered me and put my music on the Tube ( a 33 year old DJ who was then 8 years old). Funnily enough Adam Lambert is now following me on on my lisbonlifestyle membership. Wow! I am amazed for an ilustrious unknown little rui me!

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

Noo..they should leave ur make up alone if you ask me.. it would be wierd.. "HOney, can i borrow your eyeliner?" lol.. Only Jack Sparrow looked good with that eyeliner.
I really dont like it!

biolisboa said...

I don't wear it anymore. as far as my eye make-up is concerned that is a thing of the past. But I am proud of it. My wife done it for me (she's Scottish). So there. Have you watched my video? Search on You Tube itself with Rui de Castro O Pirata and look well into the eye of Horus. What I meant to do was to reach a level of spiritual height, which is supposed to come with wisdom, like in the Ancient Egyptian (son of God Horus). Know that story? Isis and Osiris gave birth to Horus (the Falcon; all seeing eye), a similar tale we heard of Jesus and Mary as players later in the first millenium...anyway you should study that, it's good for the soul. By the way I am not a poofter (lol) nor I ever was. Neither is Johnny Depp I don't think. It is a fun way of expressing oneself. Egyptians always wore it (men I mean, specially the high priests). As for Adam Lambert, well I appreciate his tendencies but then again Boy George did it all, also in the eighties! Have a great day! Peace! Warm regards. Rui

biolisboa said...

Look at what I have just found after my previous comment: That explains it!
"Layer on the eyeliner and smoky eye shadow,ancient Egyptians believed that makeup prevented the evil from entering ur eyes" #superstition
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Dolly said...

Hey, just letting you know that's not Billy Corgan, it's Gerard Way