Thursday, September 24, 2009

COCA COLA Pictures, Images and Photos

If you know me then you know i am the biggest Coke head there is! In honor of finding ALL five summer09 coke cans..YAY i will show you who else thinks Coke rocks. I think Coke is the new starbucks, oh waits it's way better. Coke is the new Chanel bag, the new gucci shoes and the MUST HAVE item that never goes out of style.

Kate Moss
Looking chic and Rocking the coke can.
Shia Lebeouf
A man after my own taste buds
Drinking diet, but it's still coke.
He's looking hot and comfy.
Robert Pattinson
You can't be a real vampire unless you drink COKE.
He's looking spunky and in the coke zone.
Keanu Reeves
Oh neo, always go for the RED pill.
Love his hold on the can, means he loves it.
Linsay Lohan
Such a cranky person, but Coke always makes people smile.
I think she was hoping for Coke to call her, to make her the Coke girl in
Ads, but to late Taylor Swift is oxox
Britney Spears
Finally realized COKE is it!
Love how the can pops against her jacket, awww
he looks so cute there.

Here are some set featuring Coke and it's chicness

lohan by Kate!Kate! featuring Prada