Monday, March 2, 2009

A Birdie told Me So!

Feathered Beauty
I love birds. I love that they comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. I swear in 50 years from now i will be that old lady sitting in the park feeding the birds,LOL! Here are some sets from fellow Polyvorians that include birdie's and i adore.

Color Therapy. For DC

Nature´s Miracles



Hummingbirds & Daisies

Fly and be free

Sognando la primavera...


To Tea's.sweetest.smells

Spreading my wings ..

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Sara said...

hello dear!...I really enjoyed your blog...well I was at work opening your blog and suddenly a loud music of Lady Gaga Started...for a minute I did not what to do?!lol... but I must say it's really fun to read ur stuff and looking at the beautiful sets...Keep Up the good work hun and take a look at my blog when u get a