Monday, February 2, 2009

For The Love Of Art!

These ares some of my original artwork. Mostly based on my travels to Guatemala, Peru and Costa Rica. I have been drawing and painting since i was a little girl, but it wasn't until my junior year in high school, that i realized ART is what i wanna do , and i can't live my life without it. I use mostly acrylic paints, and my canvases are 18x24, the smallest i go is 16x24 or 9x12. I love details and textures so i use a palette knife instead of a paint brush.I do get asked a lot  why i do not add faces to my paintings, i leave them faceless so the viewer can put themselves in the painting and as time goes by i may forget the faces of these people i meet when i traveled, but God will always remember their names and face. I also love color so using a colorful background reflects a lot on my culture and how colorful we are as well. 

Prints for my paintings are  available , if interested do email me.


BB said...

Wow, those are amazing! You're really talented.

Shaynuh said...

Wow, Paint! Your paintings are amazing grl! My favorite is "The Girl who Grew Flowers." I think its interesting you keep the people in your paintings faceless and leave it all up to the viewer's imagination.

Anonymous said...

WOW Love your paintings!!! Really interesting!!