Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PopArt or Thief?

I recently took a course on the life and death of Andy Warhol. I will admit, I learned a few new things about him and also began to question his method of "inspiration". What separated Warhol from other artist of his time was his use of everyday objects; and how he made them into "art". But the question was asked, are pop artist just thieves?
If you think about it, Warhol took already existing images/objects and appropriated them. He did change the colors and added silk screen, but it's the image of a Campbell Soup can. Which still belongs to Campbell.  The images he used of Monroe and Taylor were not taken by him. In fact Warhol started using Monroe images after her death. So, am I calling Warhol a thieve? Maybe, but I will not deny he was a genius.

Where is all this coming from? From recent events where I feel something was stolen from me and made into a tee-shirt. Am I angry? No, just sad to see how some people lack integrity. People just can't slap someone's work on a tee, mug etc and call themselves an entrepreneur. Is this the future of art/fashion? Is it possible to be inspired by others? Of course it is, but there is a fine line that should never be crossed in the art world. There's an unspoken golden rule. It is a code of honor we live by. Taking someone's work is a big NO-NO. There's no trust in someone who breaks the code especially in their work afterwards. This applies to any creative medium: Painting, Fashion, make-up artist, writers and poets.
 What was stolen you might ask? And it may seem trivial when put in perspective, but it's the principal I suppose. A few years ago I came up with "I Eat Glitter For Breakfast" and "Glitter Eater". For years I would write/say this and now someone took it and put it on a tee. What proof do I have? Beside my honest word? I have 14K followers with 5million views in Polyvore that can attest to this. I also held a logo contest in Polyvore 4 years ago where the winner wrote the quote in the set. The set became my facebook logo, and it's still on my news feed dated March 19th, 2010. Call me old school, but I'll give up my right hand before I take another fellow artist's work.

Also check out this blog post from the same year. And it is also my Header
in Polyvore:  ❤✿I eat Glitter for Breakfast™❤✿! - Polyvore

Here's the set
(all sets were created four years ago for me)


Painthead by allywa featuring barrette hair clips



So what's my point? I'm sure it will be used in other places, but know that it originated with me while creating sets in my lovely polyvore. And I won't stop using it, because, well it's mine. I refuse to let this upset me because I see no point in letting it. I will move forwards because it's who I am and I am ready to put it to use as I have always done.

Signing off...oxox Coke Stains and Cupcakesoxox..PaintHead™

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