Monday, January 14, 2013

Sinfully Colorful

One thing i can say about myself is that once i find a product i love; i am completely loyal to it. SinFulColors is one of the products i would stand behind. I am writing this post completely on my own, not sponsored or "told" to write this. When i find, see a product i love it will end up here in my tiny blogger. Who doesn't love sinfulcolors? I dislike when i open a polish and it runs watery and the color is NOT what i am "told" it would be. I feel deceived and there goes money down the drain.
  With sinfulcolors you get exactly what you see. I really do not have to use two coats, at times one coat gives full coverage. The best thing is getting a good brand for only $1.99 at any major pharmacy(walgreens, CVS, rite-aid) You can also find this brand at walmart and Target.

So my sinful collection is growing and i have a tradition now, everytime i go into RiteAid, i have to buy at least one or two new colors.
"why not"
"ruby red"
"cloud 9"
"call you later"
"san francisco"

Signing off..oxoxCoke Stains and Cupcakesoxo..Painthead

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