Thursday, October 14, 2010

I first learned about Poe in the 6th grade. I opened a poem book and read Annabel Lee. Since then i have been a big fan of poe. I have all his poems and stories. Poe also lived here in philly for a little bit in Spring Garden. It is believed where he lived in philly is inspiration for the "The Black Cat" and "Tell Tale Heart". There is awesome news, i've always wondered why there has never been a movie made about Poe, but now i am happy to say that a movie on Poe will be in production named "The Raven". The movie will star one of my lovely fave 80's actor John Cusack, it will take place during poe's last days as he is trying to solve some murder's based on his stories.
It will be based in Baltimore, but i am hoping some of Philadephia will be featured too, YAY!!! "The Raven" is set to be released in 2012. Can't wait. In honor of Halloween, poe and the movie, i made a few sets about Poe and also featuring some other poly poe sets made by other members.

How to dress Poe-Chic:

Poe is the master of darkness and death, so wear black. Play with items in black with different texture and patterns. Wear over size sweaters with cut outs or tee's that have shredded details, either on the front or trims. Skirts with feathers or sequin would be cool to add that pop of surprise in all the blackness. A black Petticoat with layer would take you back to the style and urbane manner of the 1850's.

Clothes: Black, layered, texture, patterns, cut-outs, shredded
Skirts: Feather's (for the raven),sequin, leather or petticoat
Shoes: Boots, heels with lace, wedge boots with straps, buckles, studs, wedged mary janes

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krista carlson said...

sweet. I love all the fashion looks.