Friday, November 20, 2009


This movie really lived up to all the hype. NEW MOON blow me away. This time around it is filled with action. Bella was more articulate and expressed herself a lot, which made me LOVE her character more.Finally some real emotions from her. In twilight she did this twichting thing that was annoying and it had me counting her multi blinks per frame. I love both Edward and Jacob, but i always liked Jacob more and let me tell you, i think this movie will make many "TEAM EDWARDS" convert to "TEAM JACOB" . Jacob was presented well in this movie, he was a sweet, caring, funny, witty, smartass wolf with a few anger issues, but that was hot! The good thing to was Jacob loosing the long hair.

There was a moment when i knew Edward would loose followers, that was when Edward wanted to reveal himself to the humans so that the volturi can kill him. *SLOW MOTION* Edward walks paled face, depressed as he slllllllllllloooooooooooooowly removes his shirt. Once his sparkly body was revealed all i heard was "CHRIP" silence.....crickets....WAT??? No one yelled and not one person went banannas for Edward..LMAO! Well because after a long time staring at Jacob with a warmer tint to his skin and looking "Sorta Beautiful" peeking at Edward was kinda painful. He should stick to clothes for now, but yes i do love edward too, man i sound like bella! Speaking of clothes, i also noticed that Edward was a bit fashionable, his BIG HAIR wasn't so big, it looked lovely and pleasant to rub your hands through it. Bella's outfits were more stylish, a bit more color. I think NEW MOON will top Twilight. This movie has it all, action, drama, saddness and funny moments. It also has some treaser moments where you will melt in your seat and smile without really realizing your smiling..wink! PLUS the bigggest treaser of them all is the end...OH my..won't say much on it because you have to go and see it. So getting my tickets online, having this date marked in my calender for months, waiting in the theather for three hours (we got there at 9pm) was all WORTH IT! Now i can't wait for Eclipse! oxoxoxoxoox

Here are some Poly setties all about Jacob


Blondie said...

I'm so excited! Can't wait to see it! Great photos girlie! Kori xoxo

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

ahh cant wait to see it!
i can amagine girls screaming haha... he sure is hot! My bf dont want to watch it, i think he is jelous cuz of all the hot guys in the movie and us girls watching it, it makes him sick hahaha... and all the other guys too!
I totally agree about Bella, she was wierd in first movie...