Friday, May 29, 2009

Balloon Love

I just love balloons and i disagree when someone says "Balloons are only for kids". Those who say that probably have no imagination. I have always wanted a room full of balloons for my birthday, i have yet to get that, but i know i will..LOL! I would have balloons up in my house just because. They are cheerful, colorful and fun. Take balloons to someone out of the blue, and watch them SMILE one can resist these awesome latex magical globes.

On another subject, check out my interview done by Gypsy Fox, in her blog. She is a cool poly pal, oxox You rock Gypsy.



TheCritic said...

On your set Candilous:

Honestly who would wearsuch a thing. This outfit would 't be flattering on ANYONE and the kenJ necklace and scarf is clashing! On the positive side the shoes are nice, but other than that this set looks like something put together in the dark.

PaintHead said...
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GypsyFox said...

YAY I LOVE balloons! sounds great, My birthday is in a couple of weeks & needless to say I will be keeping this age for atleast 2 years! lol awww thanks for adding me to this lovely post, you rock, stay FAB XOXO