Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1st Place Winner!

1st Place Winner: Whitemouse

Every Week in my group in Poly (Guilty Pleasures) i hold a contest, this week the contest was to Make a set
looking like a magazine cover called 'CANDY GLAM' I wanted to see how the members made candy look Glamorous and  YUMMY, out of 116 entries, this was the winning one. I love it all. The choice of model, the details in the background and all the fonts worked well together and of course all the CANDY she used, so pretty. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Be my candy? LOLOL I also loved that pop of orange, so pretty and yummy! Thank you to all who entered and worked hard on their sets, thank you for being part of the group, u all rock like POP ROCKS!! hugs oxox PaintHead*

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